Hayley Hemmings Freelancing Services


So glad you want to know more about me!

You probably know roughly what I do now for a living if you’ve read my home page or my services page.

But you know what? I haven’t always been on this career path. Prior to finding my happy place in writing, I was an Events Manager working in the education sector.

I enjoyed my work, which involved organising conferences and exhibitions for school leaders, but I always felt like there there was something missing…

I’ve since discovered that the missing component was my desire to escape the grind of the 9-5 and to “make it on my own”. So when my little girl was born, I began to craft out my working life to be the way that I wanted it to be. It wasn’t easy because I tried many different ventures and failed in the process.

Then in January 2013, I started my first blog and that’s when my writing career started. Blogging became a passion of mine and I’ve never looked back! I have a few personal blogs of my own and through those, I started to find work with various clients from around the world.

I write about all sorts of interesting and wonderful topics, from beads and crafts, to personal finance right through to natural medicines and DIY. I’m now a published author on Amazon and one of my non-fiction eBooks has reached the bestsellers rank in my niche. As well as freelancing writing, I’ve also branched out into social media consultancy. I tweet, I post and I pin… a lot.

I love being a freelancer because I get to enjoy a varied workload, every single day (even Saturdays). I wake up on a Monday morning and look forward to the day ahead – I feel happy and satisfied with my job.


Bet you’re wondering what all this has to do with you?


Because I love my work, you can rest assured that if you take up my services, I’ll be treating your business with the same care that you do. Your business is precious and I understand that. If you hire me, you can consider me as an extension of your team, someone who isn’t just there to get the bills paid, but instead someone who is as passionate about your message as you are.

Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.